It's time to bring integrity to the Minnesota Secretary of State's Office.

“The Secretary of State’s Office should not be used for partisan political advantage, and I’m running to give Minnesotans the opportunity to keep their faith in the honesty and openness of the electoral process, which is the absolute bedrock of representative democracy.”

John Howe


"Social justice warriors also likely overlook the inconvenient fact that Betsy Ross was a Quaker – Quakers being one of the first religious groups in America to speak out against slavery." - @PatriotBrannon

Did you know Minneapolis is requiring landlords to provide voter registration forms for all tenants? Former State Senator @JohnHoweMN explains why that is a bad idea

Minnesota millionaire proves how easy it is to qualify for food stamps

Currently in a jammed pack room of Minnesota Patriots listening to Film Maker @DineshDSouza speak on the history of Democratic Party Racism...

The truth is Our side.

#MuellerReportFindsNoCollusion #TrumpObstructed

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